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Is Disney Vacation Club Worth It?
Disney Vacation Club

If you’re Disney obsessed, you’ve certainly heard about the Disney Vacation Club (DVC). A timeshare program for families and Disney enthusiasts alike, DVC claims to offer flexibility for booking and experiencing magical vacations in Orlando and beyond and Disney promotes it like crazy within its parks. This post highlights some of the benefits of Disney… Continue reading

15 Spooktastic Reasons to Experience Disneyland Halloween Time This Year
Disneyland Halloween Main Street

Never been to Disneyland? I’ve got THE reason why you need to go … Disneyland Halloween. Halloween is my favorite holiday (check out our front yard come Halloween as evidence :)). I’ve just always been a sucker for friendly ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, witches flying on brooms, bats, etc. No gory stuff for me. And Disneyland does… Continue reading

5 Must-See Fall Destinations on Southwest Airlines
Getaway Adventures

Fall is my favorite season of the year. I just can’t get enough football, fall foliage, Halloween and crisp days! Here in Indiana we get our fill of fall with gorgeous changing leaves, Notre Dame football and corn fields in abundance :). Southwest flies to lots of great destinations that each have their own fall… Continue reading

Changes Coming to Southwest Early Bird Pricing: What You Need to Know
Southwest Early Bird Check-in

Southwest Airlines has long offered EarlyBird pricing, originally $10 per flight and then increased to $15 per flight as it is now. EarlyBird automatically checks you in ahead of everyone else, aside from those with Business Select tickets or those who hold Elite Status with Southwest, to give you an earlier boarding position and thus… Continue reading

Go to Travel Gal’s 9 Tips for Traveling on Southwest
Kids Southwest Plane Grand Cayman

My family of four has flown A LOT (at least SIX times a year!) since 2015 when we discovered how to collect miles and points — most of it on Southwest. I have messed up … A LOT … and learned plenty of good practices along the way, as well. To save you the hassle,… Continue reading

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