Simple Tips to Make Your Next Southwest Check-in Stress Free

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Southwest Check-in Simplified: Everything You Need to Know
Southwest check-in

Southwest check-in┬ástress you out? You’re not alone! Or maybe you’re a first-time flyer on Southwest, wondering exactly what you need to do. You’ve come to the right place! I’m a longtime Southwest flyer, who’s going to walk you through exactly what you need to know to master Southwest check-in in a few simple steps:). Checking… Continue reading

TSA PreCheck Review 3: Orlando International Airport

We recently returned from our fall break to Orlando where we spent time at both Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando. I had heard from many of you readers that Orlando International is one place where TSA PreCheck comes in very handy. I have personally been in crazy long security lines there returning to… Continue reading

Second Review of TSA PreCheck, Denver International: Worth It!

If you read my first review of TSA PreCheck, you know that I was severely disappointed and declared it, on that trip at least, NOT worth it! We arrived at LaGuardia, which was the main reason we purchased TSA PreCheck, only to find there was no TSA PreCheck line. The regular line was not out… Continue reading

How to Use Southwest Points to Get TSA PreCheck

Are you thinking about getting TSA PreCheck with the aim of reducing the time you spend waiting in airport security lines? Now you can use Rapid Rewards points to pay for it! Southwest will now let you purchase TSA PreCheck, normally $85 per person, for 9000 Rapid Rewards points. However, I’m not sure that’s a… Continue reading

Which Airports Have the Best Mobile Coverage?

As soon as that plane lands, everyone has their smartphones out dialing their ride and letting their family and friends know they are safe! It always brings to mind Bob and Tom’s character Kenny Tarmac calling in to the radio show to announce: “Just landed at A-T-L!” Many passengers also pop open an iPad or… Continue reading

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