Right now on the Southwest Rapid Rewards Shopping Portal, you can earn an easy 700 points for just $1. If you haven’t subscribed to the Wall Street Journal in the last 12 weeks, you can subscribe through the Southwest offer for just $1 for two months. The offer is a Labor Day Sale and will expire after September 11, 2017.

Wall Street Journal Southwest Points

These points DO qualify for the Southwest Companion Pass, as they are not described as “bonus” points.

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To get your points, the subscription must remain active for at least 45 days and only one subscription per Rapid Rewards account. Remember to set a reminder to CANCEL the subscription after the two-month period, otherwise, you will be automatically charged a higher monthly subscription fee of $32.99.

To Get the Wall Street Journal offer:

The Wall Street Journal Presidents Day Promo

  1. Go to the Rapid Rewards Shopping Portal.
  2. Type in Wall Street Journal.
  3. Click through to the offer.
  4. Click Shop Now.
  5. On the Wall Street Journal page, scroll down to the $1 for 2 months offer on the bottom left. Click Act Now.
  6. Complete all requested information.

There are still lots of great ways to earn Southwest points right now in the Rapid Rewards Shopping Portal. They include:

  • 700 points for a $1 Barron’s 8-week subscription
  • 1100 points for a $10 Texture digital subscription
  • 1300 points for a 3-month $22.50 New York Times subscription

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