If you signed up for one or both of the Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Cards recently and received their bonuses, you may want to consider transferring them to American miles. I, of course, love to use the Starwood points to purchase experiences through their SPG Moments program, but this is a REALLY good deal to earn BONUS American miles.

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AAdvantage eshopping

Credit: American Airlines

Here is the deal:

Normally, when you transfer Starpoints to American AAdvantage miles, you earn 1 mile for every Starpoint you transfer.

PLUS, when you transfer 20,000 Starpoints to ANY airline, Starwood kicks in a BONUS 5000 miles. We used this feature when traveling to Europe to get some extra British Airways Avios (their version of miles) to use for flights within Europe.

Through October 15, they are sweetening this deal with American even more!

You can earn 20% MORE miles with every conversion of Starpoints to American miles. And that 20% kicks in AFTER you add in the 5,000 bonus miles from Starwood.

AND earn an additional 10,000 AAdvantage miles for every 100,000 American miles received from conversions. So, you’d need at least 70,000 Starpoints to make that work (beyond what you can earn in the credit card bonuses, see breakout below), but it’s out there in case it works for you.

An easy way to earn Starpoints right now is to add authorized users and get 2,500 points per user you add. This is good through Sept. 30, 2017.

The Math

Option 1

A good plan here, would be to set aside 20,000 Starpoints for a conversion to American miles, because that would allows you to hit the minimum to earn the bonus 5,000 miles from Starwood.

So let’s say you transfer 20,000 Starpoints to American miles.

You get:

20,000 miles + 5,000 bonus miles (Starwood’s regular miles conversion bonus) + 5,000 bonus miles (20% of 25,000 through this promotion) = 30,000 miles

Option 2

Here’s an alternative that lets you take advantage of the 30% bonus by transferring 60,000 miles.

70,000 miles + 15,000 bonus miles (5,000 miles X 3 for 3 sets of 20,000 miles transferred) = 85,000 + 17,000 bonus miles (20% of 75,000) = 102,000 + 10,000 bonus miles (for reaching 100,000 converted miles) = 112,000 miles

Any way you shake it, that’s a great deal!

A Few Considerations

Transferring Starpoints to an airline is NOT INSTANT. So don’t wait until you quickly need to the miles to book a flight. The fine print says it can take up to seven days, and I can tell you when we transferred Starpoints to British Airways, it took the FULL SEVEN DAYS. That was a bit frustrating. But as long as you know ahead of time, you can plan.

Also, the names on the Starwood account MUST MATCH the name on the American account, so you CANNOT transfer from a husband’s to a wife’s account, etc.

The minimum transfer is 1,500 Starpoints.

Complete details.

What do you think? Is this a transfer you’ll consider?

To learn exactly how to fly free on American Airlines around the U.S., enroll in my Frugal Flyer online course. You can also read this post about American’s Reduced Mileage Program that helps you stretch American miles as far as possible.

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