A great way to make American miles stretch A LOT further is to take advantage of American’s Reduced Mileage Awards program, which grants the airline’s credit card holders a set mileage discount to certain destinations that rotate each month.

The Reduced Mileage Awards destinations are now available through September 2018 with some great spots like Vail, Colorado; lots of Florida destinations including Ft. Myers, Ft. Walton, Orlando and West Palm Beach; Santa Fe; and gorgeous Santa Barbara.

Point Lobos State Natural Reserve

Visit beautiful Point Lobos State Natural Reserve in Carmel, California, after flying into nearby Monterey using American’s Reduced Mileage Awards

The credit card you hold determines your Reduced Mileage Awards discount, and you can see the complete list of credit cards and discounts on my post on how to stretch American miles.

You get up to a 7,500-mile discount per person round-trip. For destinations 500 miles or greater apart, you would ordinarily pay 25,000 miles per person roundtrip. That really helps cut down on the miles you need! Plus, certain American cards give you 10% of redeemed miles back in your loyalty account after your trip for even more savings.

To apply for any of the credit cards in this post, please start at the TRAVEL CREDIT CARDS link in the main menu above. This allows me to earn a commission — at no cost to you — to help pay the blogging bills and continue to bring you great information free! Thank you!

My husband and I used a bank of 50,000 miles we earned after signing up for one American credit card to fly to Monterey, California, just south of San Francisco and right next to charming Carmel-by-the-Sea to enjoy a romantic getaway. See more of my favorite California beach towns.

There are usually some pretty good destinations in the mix, though they tend to be areas with smaller airports. Monterey seemed to only have about four gates!

American’s Reduced Mileage Awards Destinations

Here are some destinations currently on American’s Reduced Mileage Awards list (now posted through September 2018) with the months they are available for booking travel:

  • Atlanta – July-September 2018
  • Burbank, California – July-September 2018
  • Charleston, South Carolina – August, September 2018 (be forewarned: It’s very hot in Charleston in August!!)
  • Eugene, Oregon – June-September 2018
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida – September 2018
  • Fort Myers, Florida – June-September 2018
  • Fort Walton Beach, Florida – September 2018
  • Hilton Head Island, South Carolina – July-September 2018
  • Houston, Texas – June-September 2018
  • Indianapolis, Indiana (come visit me!) – July-September 2018
  • Jackson Hole, Wyoming – June 2018
  • Lexington, Kentucky (my hometown) – June-September 2018
  • Long Beach, California – June, September 2018
  • Manchester, New Hampshire – September 2018
  • Memphis, Tennessee – August-September 2018
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin – August-September 2018
  • Monterey, California – June-September 2018 (This is where we traveled using our American miles)
  • Montrose, Colorado (This is how you get to Telluride, one of my favorite places on earth!!) – June, August 2018
  • Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – September 2018 (great month to visit Myrtle Beach!)
  • Nantucket, Massachusetts – June 2018
  • New Orleans – August, September 2018
  • Oakland, California (just outside San Francisco, also a great way to get to Wine Country) – June-September 2018 (these are cooler months in the San Francisco area, though may be a bit foggy and overcast)
  • Orange County, California – September 2018
  • Orlando, Florida – September 2018
  • Palm Springs, California – August 2018
  • Salt Lake City, Utah – September 2018
  • San Francisco, California – August, September 2018
  • Santa Barbara, California – August, September 2018
  • Santa Fe, New Mexico – September 2018
  • Santa Rosa, California (This is right in the heart of California Wine Country!) – June-September 2018
  • Savannah, Georgia – July-September 2018
  • St. Louis, Missouri – June-September 2018
  • Tampa, Florida – June-September 2018
  • Vail, Colorado (much closer than flying to Denver!) – June, August-September 2018 (June and September are great months to visit this area for outdoor adventure, it’s cool enough you don’t need air conditioning)
  • West Palm Beach, Florida – June-September 2018

Check out the full list of destinations.

For complete details on booking American’s Reduced Mileage Awards, read my post on how to stretch American miles.

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