Here is a great opportunity to earn a bundle of American miles. To fly a decent distance within the U.S. on American, you’re going to need 25,000 miles per person round trip, or 17,500 per person round trip if you take advantage of their Reduced Mileage Awards.

AAdvantage eshopping

Credit: American Airlines

Through this American Airlines Holiday Bonus, you can earn 50,000 bonus miles, which is enough to get you 2 round-trips within the U.S. WITHOUT Reduced Mileage Awards, though using Reduced Mileage Awards you can stretch your miles even further.

I’ve already told you about the holiday bonus miles you can accrue by reaching a spending threshold on the American eShopping mall, but this is DIFFERENT.

The American AAdvantage Bonus Deal

The way this works is American has given you a list of 10 tasks to check off in order to earn miles. You’ll earn the miles you’d ordinarily earn for completing the task, and then you’ll earn BONUS miles based on the number of items you complete. Here is the bonus miles table:

Number of Items CompletedBonus miles awardedTotal miles

Here’s the list of tasks to complete, the required miles and the miles you can earn by completing them. All items on this list must be completed by December 31, 2017.

  1.  Sign up for Miles for Opinions and earn at least 300 miles. You’ll get 250 miles for taking your first survey. Surveys must be completed by December 28 to qualify.
  2. Sign up for a subscription to LifeLock for $9.99/month. Subscription must be active for 90 days. You’ll earn 10,000 miles when you sign up.
  3. Earn 417 miles with Sprint by connecting your AAdvantage number. You can currently earn 25,000 miles when switching to Sprint through AAdvantage and another 5,000 miles when you have at least 1 account in good standing after 30 days.
  4. Book a hotel through AAdvantage RocketMiles and earn at least 5,000 miles. Currently, you get a 3,000-mile bonus on your first booking, plus up to 10,000 miles per night.
  5. Earn 3,000 miles through AAdvantage eShopping. The holiday bonus DOES count.
  6. Earn 2,000 miles by ordering flowers through and AAdvantage. Currently, you can earn up to 30 miles per dollar spent on flowers.
  7. Earn 500 miles through AAdvantage dining (if you use Southwest Rapid Rewards Dining, you’ll need to switch your account over to American by activating it). Currently, you can earn a 3,000-mile bonus in your first 30 days.
  8. Earn 1,500 miles by renting a car with Avis or Budget through AAdvantage. You currently get 1,000 bonus miles when renting a car for 3 days or more.
  9. Earn 500 miles with Vinesse wines. Right now you get 5,000 miles when signing up and members get 5 miles per dollar spent.
  10. Earn 1,000 miles by booking a room through American at a Hilton property or convert Hilton points to miles (10,000 Hilton points = 1,500 American miles). Stays must be completed by December 31, 2017.

If you really did all of these — and took advantage of all deals and bonuses — you could technically end up with 61,800 miles through purchases and bonuses PLUS another 50,000 for completing ALL 10 TASKS! That’s ~112,000 American miles, which could purchase FOUR round-trip tickets within the U.S.

Of course, this would cost you money, as you’ll have to pay to:

  • Rent a car
  • Book a hotel room (possibly two)
  • Sign up for a wine club
  • $67 in flowers
  • $30 for LifeLock
  • AND switch phone companies

You decide how much or how little you want to do!

To take advantage of this deal, you’ll first need to register here. Also, if you’ve previously completed one of the tasks on the list (for example, I’ve already signed up for Miles for Opinions), it doesn’t count — boo!

Will you give this a go?

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