Several years ago my husband and I signed up for a free trial of Amazon Prime around Christmas. We got a month of free shipping and 2-day delivery and ultimately, decided to purchase it at the end of the trial. It proved to be a HUGE savings and that was before they added all the amazing benefits beyond free shipping.

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I highly recommend taking advantage of Amazon Prime, especially at the holidays, as it can be both a savings of time and money, which means more money in your pocket for 2018 travel! Plus, I don’t love to shop 🙂 and I much prefer doing it online.

Here are my top 8 reasons why you should consider Amazon Prime this holiday season:

8 Reasons to Get Amazon Prime This Christmas via @GotoTravelGal

  1. FREE 2-Day Shipping – Save yourself time and money by finding what you need on Amazon (unless you can find the item for the same price elsewhere AND earn miles on that purchase :)) and having it shipped to you quickly at no cost. I can’t tell you how often we take advantage of this (Sidenote: It makes buying books WAY too easy for this bookaholic ;-)). Still buying stuff the week before Christmas? No worries. Prime will have stuff to you quickly right up until Christmas Day.
  2. Add a Person Who Also Gets FREE Shipping – You can also add your spouse or a friend or family member on your Prime membership at no additional cost to also enjoy free 2-day shipping. This is a big help when shopping online, because both spouses can work from their own accounts/favorites/wish lists, etc. and still get free shipping.
  3. Video Streaming and Download –  You can now access Amazon Prime movies to either stream them or download to your device to watch later. This is  HUGE help when traveling. Everyone, including our kids, can download a couple movies to watch and the times seems to fly! Also, when we’re looking to watch something as a family at home, we typically start at Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. Our Blu-Ray (and TV actually) connects right to our Amazon account where we can search for movies. Of course, they also have original shows now produced by Amazon. There are also plenty of kid-friendly options AND you can even do workout videos for FREE!
  4. Free Books and Magazines – I love this! There are so many free ebooks out there that you can read. Be sure to check your library’s ebook lending service and Amazon if you have Prime to see if the book you want to read is available for free. Choose from more than a thousand ebooks, magazines, comics, kids’ books and more + you get access to 1 of 6 editors’ picks — before the official publication date — free. Using the free Kindle App for smart phones and tablets (download it here), you can read on your smartphone, iPad or even your computer. You can also subscribe to Kindle Unlimited FREE for 30 days and then $9.99 per month after to get unlimited access to a million ebooks and thousands of audio books.
  5. Free Unlimited Photo Storage – This was a benefit I did not know about for a long time, but that I really appreciate. I have tried a million ways to save photos and organize photos and failed. Amazon organizes them automatically (no tagging needed) and makes it easy to get them off your phone to save on storage and upload them to their cloud service. Just download the app and it’s easy to upload. And you can share the storage with up to five people!
  6. 30-Minute Head Start on Amazon Lightning Deals – Do you love searching out the cheapest deals on Cyber Monday and Black Friday?! You get Amazon’s deals before the rest of the world when you’re a Prime member.
  7. Grocery Shopping for $5.99/box – Through the Prime Pantry program, Prime members have access to this grocery service that allows you to shop for groceries and household products and have them delivered for a flat fee of $5.99 per box. If you pick 5 “qualifying” items, your box is eligible to ship for free. Alternately, you can get unlimited grocery delivery for $14.99 per month through Dec. 31, 2017.
  8. Music Streaming – No need to pay for iTunes streaming or to remove ads on Pandora; Amazon offers similar music streaming ad-free with your membership with access to more than two million songs. It does cost extra, however, to get their unlimited program, but right now it’s only $.99 for 3 months for new subscribers and then $7.99/month after for Prime members.

Are you a student? You can get a free 6-month Amazon Prime trial and then pay $5.49/month after.

Do you hold an EBT or food stamps card for government assistance? You are also eligible for a $5.99/month Amazon Prime membership. More details.

Looking for a great gift idea? Give the gift of Prime!

Amazon Prime Membership in Summary

Prime costs $99 per year, or $10.99/month. During Christmas alone, I bet we would come close to the yearly fee on shipping and we certainly come out on top over a year. And we are not big shoppers. But when you factor in gifts, books, Halloween costumes, and things you just need over the course of a year, you can easily come out on the plus side just on shipping with all the other benefits an added bonus.

Want to try Prime? Here is the link: AMAZON PRIME

Some great products and gift ideas to shop on Amazon this year:

Do you have Prime? Are you considering purchasing a Prime membership this year?

If you do subscribe to Amazon Prime, I would love it if you’d use my affiliate links included in this article, as I earn a small bonus to help support the Go to Travel Gal blog. Sign up for Amazon Prime. Thanks!

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