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Are you ready to start flying for free or very cheaply? I thought so! Read on!

I am a longtime travel writer living in Indianapolis, Indiana, who discovered the art of traveling nearly free in 2015 (read more about me). A lover of couponing, I was amazed to learn I could apply the same ideas to travel and enable my family to get a lot more than 10 boxes of cereal. Instead, we could literally fly and do amazing things around the world for very little cost.

After I earned the Southwest Companion Pass in 2015, which allowed one member of my family to fly free with me through 2016, I was hooked!

I’m here to open up the world to you, your family, your friends, your significant other — whoever! — so that if financial constraints are keeping you from traveling, they will NO MORE! I want to show you how EASY it is to fly around the world on points and miles, enjoy amazing experiences using hotel loyalty points or discounts, and help you find hotels and accommodations for free or cheap.

Within ONE YEAR, my FAMILY OF FOUR flew to SIX U.S. DESTINATIONS for less than $100 PER FLIGHT.  That is incredible and EVERYONE needs to know how to do this! I’m here to show you :).

Be forewarned, I’m not an advanced travel hacker who flies around just to earn points or flies first class on a plane with beds and showers to India. There is no advanced math required to follow my techniques and suggestions.  You will not be checking for award availability on flights every 10 minutes.

I like to KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID, aka KISS.  I will show you the easiest and simplest ways of traveling nearly free and bring one, two, three, four or more along with you, including my favorite and possibly the best travel deal going: the Southwest Companion Pass.

  • If you’re a busy mom of five, this is for you!
  • If you’re working 50+hours per week at your high-stress job, this is for you!
  • If you’re retired and wondering how you can travel for less, this is for you!
  • If you’re single and in your 20’s and wanting to see the world with very little in the bank, this is for you!

Welcome to Go to Travel Gal! Now, let’s get started traveling free…

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