No big news, but Southwest is having a sale again. 🙂 That is pretty much the case most of the time. What’s my take on this sale? It’s so-so.

Central Park New York City

You can visit New York City for cheap with prices in Southwest’s current sale!

Keep your eyes peeled for a bigger sale in June. I’m no mind reader, but based on what Southwest did last year and what Go to Travel Gal readers are reporting, I am hopeful a granddaddy of a sale is coming soon. These are usually some of the best deals available for fall travel for the year!

This sale, which runs through May 25, is not rock bottom prices from Southwest, but the prices are not bad. If you’re planning summer or fall travel and you have the points, it wouldn’t hurt to go ahead and book, knowing that if prices drop in the next two months, you can cancel, have the points refunded and rebook. It’s definitely better than booking when fares are NOT on sale :).

Keep in mind that if you book with cash and cancel, you will receive a “Southwest credit” good for booking a future flight, not actual money credit back to your card or bank account.

Southwest is also due to open the flight scheduled through January 7, 2018 as of May 18, 2017, so this could be your first chance to grab some holiday flights.

Sampling of One-Way Deals From Southwest’s Current Sale

Nashville Southwest

Nashville to Boston is another fairly cheap route in the current Southwest sale; Credit Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp

  • Indy to Newark/NYC – $72 or 3870 points
  • Milwaukee to Atlanta – $69 or 3669 points
  • Cincinnati to Baltimore/Washington – $49 or 2330 points
  • Nashville to Boston – $62 or 3201 points
  • Denver to Burbank or Orange County (one of my fav airports!) – $101 or 5813
  • Ft Lauderdale to Havana, Cuba – $99 or 3240 points
  • Ft. Lauderdale to Nassau – $69 or 2880 points
  • Ft. Lauderdale to Grand Cayman – $135 or 2160 points
  • LA to Vegas – $42 or 1861 points (with 110,000 points earned with 2 credit cards, 1 person could go to and from LA and Vegas 29 times!!! If they hold a Southwest Companion Pass 1 person could come along FREE)
  • Indy or Columbus, Ohio to DC – $59 or 3000 points

Earning Points to Take Advantage of the Southwest Sale

If you need to earn Southwest points to book these flights, the easiest way to do it is by signing up for two of Southwest three credit cards.

Signing up for the cards awards you bonus Southwest points, which you can use for FREE travel and also count toward Southwest’s amazing Companion Pass. The Companion Pass lets one person fly free with you anywhere for up to two years after you earn 110,000 qualifying points.  With two cards, you will either have all 110,000 or be very close to it!

Now would be a great time to apply to try and earn your points ahead of the June sale!

To apply for Southwest’s credit cards, please visit TRAVEL CREDIT CARDS in the main menu above. This allows me to earn a commission to support the blog so I can continue bringing you great information — at no cost. Thank you!

What do you think of this sale? How do the prices compare from your destination to past sales?

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