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5 Ways to Earn Free Travel by Paying Your Taxes

While paying taxes to Uncle Sam is never fun for anyone (and I almost always end up paying taxes as someone who runs her own business), if you can earn miles and points on something you have to pay anyway, which you can then use toward FREE TRAVEL, it makes the pain of parting with… Continue reading

A Crazy New Way to Get to Europe ENTIRELY on Points!

My family will be traveling to Europe this summer entirely on British Airways Avios points (the currency for miles in British Airways’ loyalty program). Thanks to help from, we crafted a way to take advantage of 26,000-point roundtrip award tickets on Ireland’s Aer Lingus airline (which is bookable using Avios) from Chicago to Dublin…. Continue reading

Free Trip No. 5 Flying on Southwest: Colorado

It’s been a month since we returned from Colorado, and you’ve heard bits and pieces from my previous posts, but I wanted to share a bit more about this amazing vacation to Colorado for my family. This is trip No. 5 of 6 that we will have taken within a year, flying all four of… Continue reading

Delta’s Flight Cancellations and the State of Airline Service Today

  Over the last month, both Southwest and Delta have had major system failures, prompting the mass cancellation of flights and stranding many travelers. I would love to hear from you how Delta handled the cancellations from a service perspective after we already got great feedback from readers affected by Southwest’s cancellation who raved about… Continue reading

Were You Affected by Southwest’s Flight Cancellations on Thursday?

Hey readers, were any of you impacted by the cancellations yesterday? Southwest’s system, including its website, went down forcing it to cancel many flights, including those into and out of Indianapolis. I am glad I was not flying yesterday! Though I have yet to have any issues with any Southwest flights. While Southwest’s system is… Continue reading

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