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New American Airlines Hotel Booking Site Lets You Earn up to 10,000 Points
Stretch American AAdvantage Miles

Much like Southwest introduced a hotel booking site earlier this year that allows you to earn Southwest points by booking hotel rooms through the site, American has done the same thing. Both are run by American’s new hotel booking site lets you choose from more than a million properties around the world earning up… Continue reading

When Will Southwest Release January 2018, February 2018 and March 2018 Flights?
Southwest schedule open January, February, March

When will Southwest release January, February and March 2018 flights? The airline says the Southwest Flight Schedule will open for booking through March 7, 2018 on June 22, 2017. You can begin booking flights at 5 a.m. Eastern Standard Time on the release date. Currently, flights on Southwest are open for booking through January 7, 2018 perfect for scheduling your holiday… Continue reading

Southwest Outshines Other Airlines Yet Again Celebrating a Pilot’s 1-Millionth Passenger
Southwest Airlines

Gosh, I love Southwest Airlines! I have had so many bad experiences on other airlines where staff where just flat-out rude that I will never fly them again, no matter the points available or how low the price. Southwest service is always top-notch — even if there’s a problem — from the flight attendant who… Continue reading

Southwest’s Policy on Overbooking
Southwest overbooking

With all of the news of people getting booted from flights on United, Delta and others, I decided to take a closer look at Southwest’s overbooking policy. While the Southwest president vowed to stop overbooking with the need decreasing as they update their reservations system, according to an article last week, officially Southwest does overbook…. Continue reading

Southwest Answers Questions About May 9 Reservations System Upgrade

On May 9, Southwest Airlines will upgrade its reservation system. While we all hope that means improvements on the booking and customer side of things, it’s been a bit of a mystery as to what the changes the updates will make. I reached out to Southwest to find out and a spokesperson shared a few details… Continue reading

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