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Reader Question: Can I Use My Points Before I Earn my Southwest Companion Pass?

Here’s a recent question from a reader that I wanted to share the answer to in case anyone else is wondering the same: Can I use my Rapid Rewards points before I’ve earned the Southwest Companion Pass? The answer is yes. As soon as you accrue Rapid Rewards points, you can go ahead and use them. Even… Continue reading

Reader Question: Do Transferred Rapid Rewards Points Count Toward the Southwest Companion Pass?

This is a great question, as wouldn’t it be nice if your spouse could simply transfer over his or her Rapid Rewards point, so combined with yours you could reach Southwest Companion Pass status? Unfortunately, you can’t do this. Southwest DOES NOT count transferred points toward Companion Pass status. You gotta earn those puppies yourself… Continue reading

Reader Question: Do I Have to Wait 3 Months for Bonus Credit Card Points to be Added to My Southwest Account?

A reader asks: If I complete my minimum spend on the Southwest Rapid Rewards cards before three months, do I still have to wait three months to receive the bonus Rapid Rewards points? The answer is no! As soon as you complete the minimum spend required on each card (usually $2000), you will receive your… Continue reading

Reader Questions: Do Purchased Points Count Toward the Southwest Companion Pass?

There are a multitude of ways to earn Rapid Rewards points that will count toward the 110,00 required to secure your Southwest Companion Pass. The Companion Pass lets one person fly free with you from the time you earn it through the following year (up to two years!) and is an AMAZING deal that can… Continue reading

Reader Question: Do I Have to Earn the 110,000 Southwest Points in One Year?

Welcome to all the new followers of the Go to Travel Gal blog! You will find daily posts about how to fly free on Southwest including how to earn Rapid Rewards Points and how to get the sought-after Southwest Companion Pass. Be sure to download my step-by-step guide to earning the Southwest Companion Pass if… Continue reading

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