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Go to Travel Gal Course to Eliminate US Airfare is LIVE and 15% Off

Looking for a step-by-step path with specific directions to help you eliminate airfare entirely? That’s why I created the Frugal Flyer Course: in response to those of you who want to quickly and easily master this whole “flying free” thing 🙂 without losing your mind. The Frugal Flyer Course, whose first module opens today, takes… Continue reading

Supporting Go to Travel Gal Through Your Credit Card Applications

Welcome to all new readers of Go to Travel Gal and thank you to all my longtime subscribers and commenters! I’m so glad to have everyone a part of this community, so I can share with you the best ways I have found to travel nearly free with a special focus on flying free on my… Continue reading

4 Reasons to Follow Go to Travel Gal on Social Media

Thanks so much for being a Go to Travel Gal reader! I want to encourage you not only to follow the blog, but also on my social media outlets where I often share different — but great! — content. Here are 4 reasons to follow me on different social media outlets from Facebook to Pinterest… Continue reading

Quick 8-Question Go to Travel Gal Reader Survey

Go to Travel Gal readers, would you do me a huge favor and take this eight-question survey? It should take you less than a minute :). I would love to learn more about who my readers are and the types of information I can provide you that would be helpful. It’s easy stuff like gender,… Continue reading

Start Your Own Travel Blog for $3.49/Month!

Note: This post contains affiliate links for which I gratefully earn a commission to support Go to Travel Gal if you sign up after clicking through. Have you ever thought of starting your own travel blog? It’s very tempting to share the amazing experience of travel with the world! Bluehost, a blog hosting service, has… Continue reading

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